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Performing Arts

Performing Arts – Curriculum Intent and Implementation

The intent of our Performing Arts curriculum at Swinton Academy is to develop learners who:

  • Are enthusiastic and creative performers;
  • are respectful, resilient, independent learners;
  • are confident, cooperative communicators and empathetic individuals;
  • are encouraged to develop, explore and enjoy their creative interests and talents;
  • Have a strong awareness of the cultural importance of Performing Arts and benefit from opportunities to experience aspects of Music and Drama through; creating drama, playing instruments and creating music, the opportunity to participate in whole school co-curricular showcases or productions and the exploration of a wide range of performers and practitioners both in the curriculum and the co-curriculum.
  • To gain a comprehensive understanding of Performing Arts terminology in context and to learn to apply these terms confidently in the discussion and evaluation of their own performances and the performances of others.
  • Progress confidently to the next stage of their learning in Music and Drama.
  • Apply literacy and reading skills with increasing confidence.
  • Take pride in their Performing Arts creations and achievements.

The intent of our curriculum is implemented through:

  • An awareness of students’ KS2 Performing Arts experiences. Through close links with Rotherham Music hub, those students who wish to, can continue with or commence with peripatetic musical instrument lessons that will enhance their Performing Arts experience
  • Schemes of work that are methodically sequenced building on prior knowledge and encouraging future development
  • The expectation that students will apply and understand appropriate Performing Arts vocabulary in their spoken and written evaluation and analysis
  • The presence of regular group discussion, performance strategies and the inclusion of regular verbal peer and teacher feedback
  • the routine expectation that students will show resilience in each and every lesson (the Resilience Zone) through student led group creation and discussion
  • the development of skills through exploring a range of engaging stimuli, including the study of current and local issues; which are engaging and relevant to young people, whilst also setting Performing Arts learning in real life situations
  • A reflective approach to the continuing professional development of Performing Arts teachers (an ‘open classroom’ policy, collaborative planning, a teaching and learning focus to all faculty CPD, membership of Open Drama, Drama Matters)