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Mathematics – Curriculum Intent and Implementation


The intent of our mathematics curriculum at Swinton Academy is to develop learners who:

· are passionate mathematicians;

· are resilient, independent learners;

· have a strong awareness of the way mathematics fits into everyday life and can apply it to real life situations;

· have a sound understanding of mathematical techniques and terminology, which includes the ability to apply them in new contexts;

· are inquisitive mathematicians, having developed an understanding of how mathematical processes are interlinked;

· are able to progress readily to the next stage of their mathematical learning;

· are proud of their mathematical achievements.


The intent of our curriculum is implemented through:

· an awareness of students’ KS2 mathematics experience and the inclusion of learning objectives in Year 7 for those identified as already working at a high level;

· scaffolding schemes of work to a fine level, to ensure that all learning is targeted to ability;

· the expectation that students will use mathematical language routinely in lessons;

· building on prior mathematical knowledge whilst regularly revisiting key numeracy strands and applying key skills to new contexts to ensure knowledge is secure;

· the routine expectation that students will show resilience in each and every lesson (the Resilience Zone) and are supported in this through independent learning resources;

· the selection of contexts which are engaging and relevant to young people, whilst also setting mathematical learning in real life situations;

· ensuring that all students are given the opportunity to take part in curriculum enrichment activities, at appropriate points, which enhances their mathematics learning experience;

· allowing the most able to take part in national mathematical competitions, to develop their understanding of mathematics and to celebrate their successes.

· a reflective approach to the continuing professional development of mathematics teachers (an ‘open classroom’ policy, collaborative planning, a teaching and learning focus to all faculty CPD)