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Curriculum Models

At Swinton Academy, we offer our students a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students and prepares students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

At Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8 and 9), our curriculum includes the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Humanities (History and Geography) and a Modern Foreign Language.  Students also study Physical Education, Religious Education, Design Technology, Drama, Music and Art.  PSHCE is delivered during tutor period and through our assemblies led by Year Leaders.

At Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and 11), our core curriculum consists of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Physical Education and Religious Education. Students are given the opportunity to study up to two further options, depending on personal interests and future pathways, from a range of academic or vocational subjects to enable them gain at least 8 Level 2 qualifications.

At Key Stage 5 (Year 12 and 13), students are able to choose from a range of academic and vocational Level 3 qualifications. Please visit the Post 16 section of our website to find out more.

Our topic overviews provide parents and carers with half-termly information about their child's learning. This includes assessment details and suggestions for enrichment opportunities.