Academy Uniform

The wearing of a uniform is very important to ensure that students feel a sense of identity and pride in their academy community.  All students at Swinton Academy are expected to follow our uniform expectations.

At Swinton Academy our uniform consists of the following:

  • Black blazer with academy badge. Blazer must be single breasted with a front pocket for the badge on the left side.  The blazer must be plain black
  • White shirt with collar, short or long sleeved, tucked into trousers/skirt
  • Academy tie
  • Plain black skirt. This should be knee length.  Short/miniskirts will not be allowed
  • Plain black tailored trousers suitable so that a shirt can be tucked into them. The following will not be allowed: Jeans, tight fitting leggings/jeggings, cords, combat trousers, tracksuit bottoms, flares, decorated trousers and ski pants
  • Plain black ‘V’ neck jumper may be worn under the blazer in cold weather
  • Sensible low heeled plain black footwear. The following are NOT acceptable: shoes or trainers with flashings or trims, stilettos or shoes with high heels over 3-4cm, sandals, open-toed shoes, sling back or backless shoes. Students are permitted to wear low heeled plain black boots during winter months.  However, trousers must be worn outside of the boots.
  • Religious headwear must be black
  • BASEBALL CAPS MUST NOT BE WORN OR BROUGHT INTO THE ACADEMY. A wooly hat may be worn to travel to and from the academy in cold weather but NO HATS are to be worn inside the academy
  • Non-uniform jumpers or sweatshirts MUST NOT BE WORN instead of a coat or jacket

The following is not acceptable for the academy:

  • Hair dyed in bright colours (for example pink, red, blue, green etc. or any colour that is not a ‘natural colour’)
  • Coloured nail varnish/false nails
  • Shaved heads including hair patterns

Students must have:

  • A dark coloured, waterproof, ‘over the shoulder’ bag
  • A separate plastic bag for games kit
  • Basic equipment eg pen, pencil etc

Jewellery should not be worn, with the exception of a watch and 1 pair of ear studs. Nose studs, tongue studs and other piercings are not allowed.  Ear studs should not be worn in the upper ear.

Make-up should not be worn.


PE kit:


  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Plain black shorts


  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Black gym skirt or shorts

Upper school students (Y9-11) can wear Swinton Academy PE polo top or white T-shirt.

Outdoor Kit: Gold/black rugby shirt for all Year groups.  Training and football boots (Boys and Girls).

The following are not allowed and should not be brought into the academy:

Aerosols, tobacco, cigarettes, e-cigarette, cigarette lighters or knives of any description.

Mobile phones should be switched off during lessons.


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