All Policy Documents

ACET Accessibility Plan 2021-2022
ACET Admissions Policy Review March 2022
ACET Anti Bullying Policy Secondary Review June 2022
ACET Blended Learning Policy | Next Review Date October 2023
ACET Charges Remissions Policy Review May 2022
ACET Complaints Policy Review May 2024
ACET Confidential Reporting Code Whistleblowing Review May 2022
ACET COVID 19 academy wider opening Safeguarding addendum June 2020
ACET E-Safety and Data Protection ICT Equipment AUP
ACET Early Career Teacher ECT Policy | Next Review Date September 2022.pdf
ACET Exclusion Policy Review March 2022
ACET GDPR Data Protection Review May 2022
ACET Governor Allowance - Statement of Intent_ Review September 2022
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Swinton Academy
East Avenue

S64 8JW


"At Swinton Academy, we will make a difference"


"All adults in school have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children"




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Swinton Academy is part of Aston Community Education Trust (ACET)

Registered Office Address:
ACET House, 66 Holderness Drive, Aston, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S26 2BH

Tel:  0114 287 2171